Tuesday, March 29, 2016

RRB NTPC Exam - 2016 : 29th March 1st Shift GK Questions

RRB NTPC 29th March Review & Analysis:
The overall analysis is moderate to difficult. Candidates can attempt maximum questions in all the sections. The number of good attempts is 65-70.

29th March 1st Shift GK Questions:

1.Official Language of Brazil – Portuguese
2.A spice name d ” clove” is obtained from which part of the plant? Flower Buds
3.Quit India Revolution? 8th August 1942
4.Unesco headquarter? Paris, France
5.Interpol headquarter? Lyon France
6.Where was paper invented/ 100 BC China in 105 AD
7.Environment day – 5th June
8.Thailand currency – Thai Bhat
9.Smallest Bone in human body – stapes
10.Subash Chandra Bose fathers name – Janakinath Bose
11.Chief Justice of India – Justice HL Dattu
12.Who is called Semanth Gandhi – Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan
13.National Song written by – Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay
14.Where do you find Kunchilal water falls – Karnataka
15.Gases behind greenhouse effect –
16.Which game is recently removed from Olympic? wrestling
17.Organ that can grow and regenerate? Liver
18.Land locked country? Liechtenstein in Central Europe, surrounded by Switzerland and Austria.
19.Largest non polar desert in the world?
20.Who was the first to score a perfect 10 in Olympics in Gymnastics?
21.RBI Nationalized in? Jan 1st 1949
22.Pollination by wind is called? Anemophily
23.Where in the human body can you find of Langerhans?
24.Brightest star in our sky? Sirius A
25.Maximum football titles won by which country?
26.The bell metal is an alloy of Tin & Copper
27.Parsec is measure of orbital Velocity of giant stars
28.By fixation of Nitrogen is meant for – Conversion of atmospheric nitrogen to useful compounds.
29.Atoms of the same element i.e; having the same atomic number that differ in atomic weight are – isotopes
30.The quantum numbers that tend to specify the orientation in space for an orbital is – Magnetic Quantum number.
31.Carbohydrates are the compounds of – carbon, oxygen and hydrogen.
32.The tides in the ocean are due to Gravitational pull of the moon.
33.When water freezes its density – decreases
34.A chemical reaction that takes place with the evolution of heat is called Exothermic reaction
35.The manufacture of iron ore involves the process of reduction.
36.A double convex air bubble in water would behave as a divergent lens.
37.Which of the following has a strongest bleaching property – Chlorine
38.The most abundant element in the earths crust is – oxygen
39.Nitric Acid does not react with – Gold
40.Oxygen is manufactured by fractional evaporation of – Liquid air
41.Sodium burns in air to give – Sodium peroxide
42.Argon gas was discovered by – William Ramsay
43.Dry ice is Solid Carbon dioxide
44.The compound which ca be used to prepare iodoform is acetone
45.What is laughing gas – Nitrus oxide
46.Last Mughal Emporer – Bahadur Shah Zafar

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