Thursday, March 31, 2016

31st March 2016 First Shift Gk Questions Asked In RRB Exam

Gk Questions Asked In Today(31.03.2016) RRB Exam Shift-1

1. 2019 cricket world cup Hosting Country:
Answer:  England

2. When was The Asia Games Started
Answer: 1951

3. Banker Of Banks

4. Computer Security Day Observed On?
Ans: Nov 30

5. PM Modi Announced New Program/Scheme  For Farmers?
Ans: Crop Insurance scheme

6. Who Is Gandhiji Guru
Ans: Gopala Krishna Gokhale

7. Osama Bin Laden Killed At?
Ans: Tora Bora,Afghanistan.

8. Nasa Head Quarter Located At?
Ans: Washington DC

9. National HighWay Greenary Plan?
Ans: To Plant Trees Along 6,000 km Of Highways

10. Coins Made Up Of ?
Ans: Ferritic Steel

11. Kudankulam Situated At?
Ans: Tamilanadu

12. First Women Cm?
Ans: Sucheta Kriplani

13. Chandryan-1 lanuched on Which Year
Ans: 20008

14. Who hits 6 sixes In World cup T20?

Ans: Yuvraj Singh

15. Highest Tea Producing State In India?
Ans: Assam

16. Who Won Gold Medal In tennis in 2012 Olympic Games?
Ans: Andy Murray

17. IMO -
Ans: International Maritime Organisation

18. Kuchipudi Belong To Which State?

Ans: Andhra Pradesh

19. World Heritage site by UNSECO in 1985?

Ans: Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary

20. NFC is  Based On?

21. Larynx Is?
Ans: Voice Box

22. Who Appoints Governor?
Ans: President

23. WebPages Are Written In ?

24. Dialysis  Is Treatment For ?
Ans: Kidney

25. 2018 Fifa World Cup Venue?

26. Captcha Used For?
Ans: Security

27. World Heritage site by UNSECO in 1985?
Ans: Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary

28. Water droplets causes rainbow due to?
Ans: Description Of Light

29. Partition of Bengal in 1905 is done by?
Ans: Viceroy of India, lord Curzon

30. Young Crocodile is Called?
Ans: Hatchling

31. Nustar X- rays is used to detect?
Ans: Black Holes

32. Most Spread forest in India?
Ans: Tropical dry deciduous

33. Who plays key role in Nalanda University?
Ans: Chancellor

34. 2014 Common Wealth games badminton winner at Glassgow
Ans. Parupalli Kashyap.

35. Evaporation of Liquid to absorb heat is a principle used in?
Ans: Reverse Osmosis 

36. If temperature raises by about 5.4 to 8 degree Fahrenheit then this condition is
Ans: Global Warming

37. Water is mixure of
Ans: Hydrogen and oxygen

38. Radish is a fruit or vegetable?         
Ans: vegetable

39. Odd man out? (malware, phishing , ransom ware , spam)
Ans. Spam

40. Common thing among …. Boat , ship , submarine , yatch
Ans. All are water transports.

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